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Does your brand inspire travel dreams?

Updated: May 7, 2021

Sara Meaney was a featured speaker at TBEX Asia in Manila, The Philippines in 2016.

Her presentation answered the following questions:

1. How can content convert travel daydreams into travel purchases? 2. How can brands engage consumers through travel inspiration? 3. What types of content perform best in the travel and tourism space?

Data tells us that consumer travelers daydream about holiday travel planning on a regular basis. When daydreaming shifts into research and planning, the brands who successfully capture attention also capture a larger share of spending.

The session uncovered some of the keys to how brands can set their content apart from the noise by inspiring travelers to dream about your destination and converting those dreams into visitation reality. By leveraging these insights, destination brands can become a source of content that inspires audiences to imagine themselves living out their own travel dreams - and drive visitation - to your destination.

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